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[Review] 7 Steps To Knowing, Doing and Experiencing The Will of God For Teens by Tom Blackaby, Mike Blackaby and Daniel Blackaby

7 Steps

Title: 7 Steps To Knowing, Doing and Experiencing the Will Of God For Teens
Author: Tom Blackaby, Mike Blackaby, Daniel Blackaby
Publisher: B and H Publishing Group May 1, 2013
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: Experiencing God formula for teens.
Format: Paperback
Age: Youth
Pages: 288
Rating: 5 stars
Source: Free copy from B and H Publishing Group and Blackaby Ministries for the purpose of review. This review was published at The Christian Manifesto.

The Millennial Generation is between the ages of twelve and thirty-two. Sobering statistics tell us that many of them have walked away from the church and from their belief in God. Young people who have grown up going to church and being active in a youth group is not a predictor of whether or not they will continue to go to church as adults. Social media has given atheists vocal power for young people to hear. Unless the young person is grounded in their faith and God has become real to them through a personal relationship, the chances of them falling away from worshiping God is great. The key factor to a continued faith in God, is an abiding personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

When it comes to a relationship with God, you can learn about it from others, if you want, but nothing compares to experiencing God for yourself.“ Page 243.

After belief and acceptance in Christ Jesus, many people are left without knowing what they believe. As a teen it’s important to have a solid foundation for life. Teens need mentoring from other Christians and this book makes it possible.
Some of my favorite points in the book: “love is not love if it’s forced,” clarification of what real love is, “obedience to God’s will,” not going through life based on emotions, the Holy Spirit’s work, “God’s word cleanses us like the unclogging of a sink pipe,“ praying 101, and sharp advice for continued growth in the faith.
Additional things I loved in this book: each page is creative and eye-appealing, highlighted areas and bullet points, realistic illustrations, a walking with God section at the end of each chapter, thought provoking questions and relatable media examples.
I love it that the Blackaby team of authors do not give information alone; but they back everything up with further teaching and biblical text that a teen can relate to.
In addition the Blackaby authors are transparent in their personal stories. I feel that when an author opens up about their own life, it helps me put my guard down and accept their teaching because I know they understand.
The Blackaby team of authors have worked hard to create a book that will be accepted and read by teens. I feel this was achieved in every area.
I love this book and feel it should be utilized by every teen, including any adult who has a teen in the home or works with teens. 

Link @ Amazon:
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Joyful Reader said…
Sounds like a book we could use around here in a house of teens. Most people (myself included) I think just consider the "party time of life" like the amish do when they go out and sew their wild oats. Everyone eventually comes back for the most part. NOT true. And if the Lord should come while they are "experiencing" life, what then? This subject should be taken more seriously. My husband and I pray very hard for our "millennial" generation. We try to make them understand the relationship not just "following God's orders" of our faith. A true relationship (love of God) is not in "doing" and it will last forever. Great book, I will look for it! Thank you!
Christina said…
Maybe a book I should get for when the kids become teens