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A Belated Blog Anniversary
A Well-Watered Garden began September 19, 2007. I was new to blogging, having began in January 2007 with another blog (A Garden of Books). I created A Well-Watered Garden in order to have a blog dedicated to Christian fiction and non-fiction books. Within a short time I was contacted by authors, publishers, publicists, asking if I'd review for them. I was smitten with the ability of getting books for free. At this point reviewing books is apart of my life, it is a career, a ministry. I don't plan to retire from this; however, I'll never have time to write my own books at the pace of reading and reviewing I'm at now. Beginning in 2014, I plan to cut back in order to have the time I need to write.
Today I implemented a few changes: creating two margin columns as opposed to one, cleaning up the clutter of too many widgets, deleting broken widgets, changing the template.
I've signed up for Google Ad-sense and Amazon Affiliate Program. I'm waiting to hear from Christian Book Distributor Affiliate Program. I'm in negotiations with a company in NYC that wants to place an ad on this blog.
All along there have been links in reviews to Amazon and sometimes Christian Book Distributor, becoming apart of the Affiliate Program will only fulfill what I've already been doing.
Forgive me if anyone is offended by placement of the ads.
I want to thank all my readers for your support, prayers, comments, friendships. 


Joyful Reader said…
how exciting that you are going to start writing. I hope to someday get to be one of the first to read your works! God Bless, and I will be around!
fredamans said…
Wishing you nothing but the best!