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[Review] The Book of Hours by Davis Bunn

Title: The Book of Hours
Author: Davis Bunn
Publisher: Westbow Press 2000
Genre: Fiction
Theme: In a small village in England boy meets girl, and both are in love with the same mysterious estate.
Format: Hardcover
Age: Adult
Pages: 314
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Self-purchase

I don't think I gave a good explanation for the theme above. My answer was short and sweet.

A contemporary story. 
Brian Blackstone has traveled the globe the past two years after the death of his wife Sarah. He's settled in the historical village of Knightsbridge, England, and to the estate that was left as an inheritance to his late wife Sarah. Brian has procrastinated too long, the inheritance tax is astronomical, he's in a quandary as to how to pay it. Meanwhile, Dr. Cecilia Lyons is in love with the estate and plans to purchase it. A puzzle has been left by Heather who was the trustee of Sarah. The answer to the puzzle or riddle, maybe the answer to Brian's peril.

The setting is in a place rich in history, Knightsbridge, the "oldest borough in England". William the Conqueror made Knightsbridge his first capital. I love love love British history, you've probably already guessed this.
The story centers around the estate, how will the debt be paid, the village inhabitants and what the estate means to them. How the village feels about an American purchasing it and living in it. A love story between two people who have worked hard to heal their hearts.
A mystery unfolds when a puzzle or riddle is left.
It's winter and Christmas time. This is not a Christmas story perse, just the time of the year.
Author, Davis Bunn, is a wonderful story-teller. The scenes are vivid and crisp. The sights and smells are described so that I felt I was also experiencing the same senses.


Joyful Reader said…
I have never been disappointed in Davis Bunn! This one sounds just as good as the others.