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[Review] Gospel Transformation Bible, ESV from Crossway

Available in black or white hardcover and imitation leather.
Title: Gospel Transformation Bible, English Standard Version
General Editor: Bryan Chapell
Managing Editor: Dane Ortlund
Publisher: Crossway September 30, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Age: Young Adult through Adult
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free copy provided to me by Crossway for review.

Choosing a new Bible is serious business for me. Impulse buying a Bible is not an option. I read Online reviews, read and study Bible selections on Amazon or Christian Book Distributor, I browse through selections in a Christian bookstore, ask friends and family what kind of Bible they are reading. For me, purchasing a Bible is an investment. It's an investment for my spirit, soul, mind.
At this time there are three primary Bibles that sit on the table near my reading chair:
The ESV Study Bible by Crossway, NASB Study Bible by MacArthur, NKJV Study Bible by MacArthur. These Bibles do not sit on the table gathering dust. If you keep up with this blog you know I read through the Bible every year, Old Testament once and New Testament twice. I bought the ESV Study Bible in 2008. This Bible has several pages that have torn and have tape on them, a few pages have come out of the binding, many pages have writing on them (as I write in my Bibles).
It's a sad sad Bible that sits lonely on a shelf and is never read. Even sadder for the individual who does not grasp the importance of reading the Bible, God's breathed Word.
It was just a few weeks ago Crossway asked if I were interested in reviewing their newest ESV Bible. It was an opportunity that could not be passed up.
I'll skip the summary about the stats of the Bible. I've included in this review the links where you can look up how much the Bible weighs or what colors the Bible comes in. Instead I'll focus on what I loved about the Bible.

  1. The text is easy on my eyes. I wear bi-focal eyeglasses and yet still enjoy bolder large print. The text size is 9 point, the text note size is 8 point. The type-font reminds me of verdana which is easy on the eyes. Page numbers and chapter numbers and book of the Bible is in bold print. 
  2. The cross-reference section is located at the bottom of the pages, lighter and smaller print, yet I had no problems reading it. 
  3. I have the black hardcover. It is lighter in weight than my ESV Study Bible. 
  4. Texture of pages are sturdy and easy to turn. 
  5. Pages are a matte finish, no shiny glare. 
  6. I especially love the vibrant black/white/red cover and title: "Christ in all of Scripture. Gospel Transformation Bible. Grace for all of Life."
  7. I'm not fond of red-letter translations, meaning Jesus' words are in red. The Gospel Transformation Bible does not have this.
  8. In the back of the Bible are eight maps, concordance, abbreviations, weights and measures, topical index.
  9. A brief just the facts introduction to each book of the Bible. 
  10. My favorite point in this Bible is its emphasis of showing us "Christ in all of Scripture". The explanatory notes on all the pages through the Bible point to Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation.

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