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[Review] My Heart's Cry and Heaven: My Father's House by Anne Graham Lotz

Title: My Heart's Cry and Heaven: My Father's House
Author: Anne Graham Lotz
Publisher: Thomas Nelson 2002
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: Knowing God in a more deeper and abundant relationship/Our true home is in heaven.
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 355
Rating: 5 Stars for both books.
Source: Self-purchase

My Hearts Cry and Heaven: My Father's House are two books combined in one cover. Each will have its own summary and thoughts.

My Heart's Cry
Anne Graham Lotz begins by expressing: "God, please, oh please, I know my daddy is ready to go 'Home,' but I'm not ready to let him go. Heal him, restore him, strengthen him. I've had Daddy for fifty-two years, but it's not enough. I long for more-more time, more conversation, more hugs, more kisses, more prayer, more counsel, more walks on the mountain. Please, just give me more of my daddy...Because when you love someone with all of your heart, you just can't ever get enough..." page 1-2. 
I can relate to this. I would have never been ready to let my daddy go, I would have always wanted more.
In My Heart's Cry, Anne Graham Lotz, teaches from portions of chapters ten through seventeen in the Gospel of John. In these chapters from John, Jesus taught and prepared His disciples for when He would leave them. Jesus knew they were "desperate for more of Him", yet it was necessary for Him to die and leave them. What they did not understand is that after he bodily left them, His Spirit would return to abide in them. They wanted to cling to Jesus' body, but the relationship they'd had was about to change dramatically. Anne Graham Lotz has studied these passages of Scripture in order to teach those of us who long for more. We long for a more deeper...abiding...significant...intimate, relationship with Jesus Christ.

My Heart's Cry is lengthier than Heaven: My Father's House. I'd had this book on my shelf waiting to be read for several years. Reading it has helped me during my current time of grief.
The first chapter and one of my favorites is: "More of His Voice in My Ear". Scripture teaching is from John 10:1-10. I've read and heard many opinions on "hearing God's voice". Many in the Christian community believe that we only hear God speak to us through His Word. They believe God does not speak to us in a quiet voice, nor through other people, nor through circumstances. My daddy and I had many conversations on this subject. I don't understand why people do not believe that God speaks only through His Word and does not speak through a quiet voice in our Spirit. I'll leave their opinions with them, but I disagree. I agree with Anne Graham Lotz that we must be discerning in what other people say God said to them or told them to do. I agree with Lotz that we must be in the Word in order to know wrong teaching. I agree God's Word is the primary way God speaks to us.
Another favorite was chapter four: "More of His Death in My Life", from John 12:20-25. Yielding to God and dieing to self is not popular. "Crucifixion is the result of our decision to yield ourselves to God as He allows various pressures and problems and pain into our lives. These things are often a part of our lives anyway, but in the lives of God's children, they are not wasted. They are used to put us to death that we might be raised to an abundant...victorious...blessed...fruitful...powerful...Christlike...Spirit-filled life." page 71. 
Lotz explains how God has worked in her life by using painful experiences to "die to self". In dieing to self, she learned to live by faith in Him. I too am living this "death to self, but alive in Christ Jesus".
On page 232 Anne declares her aim, "To seek to know God" and to "know God means to "serve Him".

Heaven: My Father's House
When Billy Graham wrote the foreword 9/11 had just happened. This horrible event was fresh on his mind as he thought about the brevity of life. Death will come to all of us, but "Knowing where you are going takes the uncertainty out of getting there."
Heaven: My Father's House scripture portion is from Revelation 21. Most of the short chapters have the word "home" in the title.

My favorite chapter is titled, "A Home That's Paid For: My Father Himself has paid off the House." In this chapter Anne Graham Lotz shared how a pearl is formed. "Pearls are formed when a small grain of sand becomes embedded in an oyster, irritating it. To soften the irritation, the oyster coats the grain of sand with a smooth layer of what is called mother of pearl. As long as the oyster can feel the irritation, it continues to coat the sand with layers of pearl. What kind of irritation would have been necessary to form the pearls that make up the gates to our heavenly city when they are so large they can fit into a wall that is two hundred feet thick? It must have been more than just irritation. It must have been horrendous, severe suffering!" page 323.

I love both of these books and felt they ministered to me during this time of grieving after my dad's death. I could relate to so many things Lotz expressed. Her writing style is approachable, transparent, easy to understand.

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