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Sobering News For Book Publishing

I just read an article about a "new" crisis in the book publishing world.
Brian Feinblum at BookMarketingBuzzBlog, has written a sobering post about a "new" Netflix type plan to pay a small monthly fee to purchase books. The discount will be at a s--u--p--e--r low cost!

What will this mean for the book publishing world? Specifically independent book stores who are already struggling to stay afloat? What will this mean for authors who desperately want their book to be published, and further to make a living at writing? 

To read further about cheap monthly price plan to purchase books:

This blogger doesn't believe it will work:


Joyful Reader said…
I don't like ebooks or kindle or anything like it. I prefer to hold books in my hand and will hunt them out until the end. I don't support netflix in any form or fashion now nor will I in the future...