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2014 Bible Reading Goal

I'm a participant in the Perpetual Bible Reading Challenge and Operation Deepen Faith Challenge hosted by Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible.
I wish I'd kept a count of how many times I've read the Bible through. Several times I've read it from Genesis straight through to Revelation. A good guess would be at least a dozen times I've read the Bible. Such a minuscule amount considering I've been a Christian for nearly forty years. 
My goal is to read the Old Testament once and New Testament twice, in addition will be reading 1 Corinthians twelve times in twelve different translations.
I do not adhere to a particular Bible reading plan. Certain portions of the OT I read in-sync, for example the first five books of OT will be read this way. The first time reading the NT will be read in-sync. I try and read the harder OT books first, for example: Ezekiel and Job. It is difficult to read Job in December.
I plan to read the OT using the New Living Translation Study Bible. Will read through NT in the New Living Translation, and then for the second time will switch to another version, probably the English Standard Version Crossway Study Bible (my favorite Bible.)

Will read 1 Corinthians for the first time using the New Living Translation Study Bible.
1. New Living Translation Study Bible

Old Testament Books Read

New Testament Books Read