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My Favorite Fiction and Non-Fiction Christian Books Read in 2013

In 2013 twenty-one Christian fiction books were read.
My favorite fiction books read (and these were books I thought of without looking at my list):
Unholy Hunger by Heather James
Miracle on Snowbird Lake by Stan Bednarz
Iscariot by Tosca Lee
Angelguard by Ian Acheson

In 2013 forty-eight Christian non-fiction books were read. 
My favorite non-fiction books read (I peeked a little at my list):
The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken
Sober Mercies by Heather Kopp
Chasing God by Angie Smith
The God-Centered Life by Josh Moody
Ministering to Problem People in Your Church by Marshall Shelley
Not Quite Healed by Cecil Murphey and Gary Roe
Growing Disciples Organically by Don Detrick
Grounded in the Faith by Kenneth Erisman
The Finished Work of Christ by Francis Schaeffer
The Simplified Guide: Paul's Letters to the Churches by David Hazelton
Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart by J. D. Greear
God's Final Word: Understanding Revelation by Ray Stedman
Gospel Deeps by Jared C. Wilson

Total of 69 Christian books read in 2013. According to Goodreads which helps me keep track of all books read, total of 179. My goal was to read 175, passed the goal by a few more.
I can only remember two books in 2013 that were duds. I did not review them.

Looking forward to reading in 2014!

Happy New Year!