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[Review] Christmas: Quiet Moments for the Season from Our Daily Bread and Discovery House Publishers

Free eBook, from Discovery House Publishers.
Title: Christmas: Quiet Moments for the Season
Author: Several authors contribute
Publisher: Discovery House Publishers, first printing 2007, fourth printing 2011
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: Christmas Advent
Format: eBook
Age: Young adult through adult
Pages: 127
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free eBook copy. I chose to read and review.

For more information:

I don't know of anyone who does not feel the rush of the holiday season. Slowing down to absorb Bible Scripture pointing to Jesus' birth is difficult. We know we should; instead, we continue to put it off until the season is past us and then we feel it's too late.
This morning I saw a post in my news feed on Facebook, Christmas: Quiet Moments for the Soul, today it's free on eBook. I stopped what I was doing, and took the time to read it.
Each chapter begins with a Scripture from either the Old Testament or New Testament. Most of them point to Jesus Christ's birth; however, many of them point to His ministry, or reason for becoming God in flesh. A short one page devotional follows the Scripture passage. The devotionals are written by authors who contribute to the Our Daily Bread devotional magazine.
After reading Christmas: Quiet Moments for the Soul, I feel refreshed and lifted-up. It feels as if a burden has been lifted, the burden of the holidays and the burden of sadness because I miss my dad.
I encourage you to take the time, make the time, to focus on Jesus Christ and His Word during the season of Christmas.


Joyful Reader said…
Thank you! I looked at it and when I get home I will down load it onto my personal laptop. Very comforting!