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[Review] Who Is Jesus? Crucial Questions 1 by R. C. Sproul

Title: Who Is Jesus? Crucial Questions No 1
Author: R. C. Sproul
Publisher: Reformation Trust first published 1983, then 1991 and 1999
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: Learning who the "real Jesus is."
Format: Kindle
Age: Adult
Pages: 105
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free eBook Kindle. I chose to read and review.

R. C. Sproul began by utilizing a well-known saying: "will the real Jesus please stand up." Sproul teaches that we need the "real Jesus," the Jesus of the gospels. We do not need an inauthentic, misquoted, "scissors and paste," "false," Christ.
There are several titles in the gospels used in reference to Jesus:
  • Christ.
  • Lord
  • Son of Man
  • The Son of God
  • The Logos
Sproul distinguishes and defines each of the names used for Jesus.
Examples of chapters: "Jesus As Savior," "The Birth of Jesus," "The Baptism of Jesus," "The Temptation of Christ," and "The Resurrection of Jesus."   
In the chapter "Jesus As Savior" the problem of sin is taught.
"I sin and that you sin is debated by none save the most dishonest of men. We sin. We violate each other. We assault the holiness of God. What hope do we have in such dreadful turmoil? We can deny our sin or even the existence of God. We can explain that we are not accountable for our lives. We can invent a God who forgives every body without requiring repentance. All such avenues are established in delusion. There is but one who qualifies as Savior. He alone has the ability to solve our most abysmal dilemma. He alone has the power of life and death."
When I first began reading this book I thought about the recent "tiff" over what color is Jesus and Santa Claus. People were angry because a news correspondent either spoke out of turn or was taken out of context (the ole lets take what they said and morph it so it will become controversial.)
I wonder how many of these people who were upset over an insignificant issue of what color Jesus is, really know Jesus? Have they just heard about him, or maybe they are aware of who he is and what he did, but do they really know him?
I find it troubling, tragic: people are more concerned with an outward appearance then with the state of their inner person, and their soul.
Jesus cannot be ignored, either you believe in Him or you do not. As my mother used to say, "there's no sitting on the fence with Jesus."