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What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

I watched this DVD recently and have thought about the question: What Difference Does It Make? and further, what does it mean to follow Jesus?
I asked a few people yesterday: What does it mean to follow Jesus? They did not answer me. I was shocked. Further, they did not act as if they wanted to explore the answer. Was there a failure to communicate somewhere? Am I not getting something? I'm aghast at people who sit in church Sunday after Sunday (possibly for decades) stating to be a Christian; but cannot answer, what it means to follow Jesus?
Dallas Willard remarked in the DVD: "There is a difference between a Christian and a disciple."
I became a Christian at age ten, during Vacation Bible School.
I became a disciple in 1995 during Bible Study Fellowship. For me, there is NO other way but to be in Bible reading and study, continuous prayer, and to be His servant. It is not me at work, it is Christ Jesus working in me and through me.

Lesson One in my reason for reading the Bible:
I refuse to be a milky-toast Christian. No pew sitting role for me. Give me the meat and potatoes. I want to be radically changed. The person I am today, it would be a travesty to have not grown a year from now. Give me all of you sweet Jesus, all that I can learn from.
In the coming weeks a new post will be on this blog: What Does It Mean To Follow Jesus? The emphasis will be on Bible reading and prayer. 
There are plenty of blogs and websites that focus on Bible reading plans. This recurring post will be: why I read the Bible and what it has meant to me, and more importantly how it has changed my life.