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Crucial Questions Series Available at a Limited Discount at Logos Bible Software

Crucial Questions Series 
The Crucial Questions Series by R. C. Sproul is available for a limited discount (25% off) at Logos Bible Software. This is a six volume set in a format of paperback booklets.

The six books are:
  1. Can I Have Joy In My Life?
  2. Does God Control Everything?
  3. What Can I Do With My Guilt?
  4. What Is Baptism?
  5. What Is The Trinity?
  6. Who Is The Holy Spirit?

R. C. Sproul is a respected teacher, theologian, and pastor. He is the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries where he serves as executive editor of Tabletalk magazine. Sproul holds degrees from Westminster College, Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary, Free University of Amsterdam, and Whitefield Theological Seminary. He has taught at several colleges and seminaries including Reformed Theological Seminary and Knox Theological Seminary. He currently serves as senior minister of preaching and teaching at Saint Andrew’s Chapel, in Sanford, Florida. Sproul’s teaching can be heard daily on the ‘Renewing Your Mind’ radio broadcast which plays in over 40 countries. Sproul has written more than 75 books including The Holiness of God, Chosen by God, and The Mystery of the Holy Spirit.

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