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[Review] Case For Christ For Kids: A 90 Day Devotional by Lee Strobel

Title: Case For Christ For Kids: 90 Day Devotional
Author: Lee Strobel
Publisher: Zondervan Kidz/HarperCollins Publishing September 24, 2013
Genre: Non-fiction, kids, devotional, Christian growth
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free copy from Zondervan Kidz in exchange for a review.

For ages 9-12

This review appeared on The Christian Manifesto an online magazine. 

Not everyone grows up in a Christian home and the author Lee Strobel did not. After Strobel's wife became a believer he noticed a dramatic change in her, leading him to research the Christian faith and he too became a Christian. Strobel has written several books entitled “Case For,” the aim is to answer the “quest for truth” in Christ Jesus.
Case For Christ For Kids is a 90 Day Devotional. The aim is to encourage and develop in kids to have a solid foundation of belief in Jesus Christ. Statistics are frightening in how many kids who grew up going to church stop once they reach adult years. Building a strong understanding of the Bible, applying the Bible to life, having a personal relationship with Jesus, sets in place an anchor which will not be moved.
The chapters are short and easy to absorb and are divided into three sections: an applicable story, further study of the “case” in detail, and ends with a Bible verse pertaining to the day's study.
Strobel asks hard questions which will help develop a young persons relationship with God, for example: “How does God see me?” “What is our motivation in doing the right thing?” “How do we please God?”
I loved several aspects of this book and feel it is an important guide for parents, youth leaders, kids.
Jesus said, “Follow me.” How can we do this? In a brazen outspoken culture which places an emphasis on self-image: how do we “follow” Jesus? We “follow” Jesus by believing in Him and in reading His Word which is the Bible.
The devotions teach the young person to turn to God for guidance and direction in knowing what the right choice is; additionally, wait on God's timing, even when we think we know the right decision, wait for God.
Several chapters are devoted to trusting God. Sooner or later in every Christians life there will come a time of crisis and a hard question is asked: Can I trust God? When the serpent in the garden asked Eve, “Did God actually say?” Genesis 3:1. ESV. The serpent wanted Eve to doubt God and not trust Him. Developing a strong faith in Jesus will ground a young person.
When a young person realizes why Jesus came to earth and how He experienced many of the same things they've experienced, they know Jesus understands them and can relate to them. Jesus is not a faraway God who does not have compassion on his children, but identifies with us and loves us.
Strobel expresses, “the Bible is more than a history book.” The Bible is for reading and studying; but it is also nourishment for our inner spirit.
Case For Christ For Kids, is a strong beginning point to promote growth in a young persons life.