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[Review] Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and The Four Blood Moons by Mark Hitchcock

Title: Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and The Four Blood Moons
Author: Mark Hitchcock
Publisher: Tyndale March 21, 2014
Genre: Non-fiction, Bible Prophecy, Four Blood Moons
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Free copy from Tyndale in exchange for a review.

Kindle priced @ $9.99

John Hagee, has written a book which was published last fall, it's entitled: Four Blood Moons. The book has been featured and critiqued by news media, and Christian blogs and websites. Hagee on his television program has aired his views on the four blood moons. The link for his website: John Hagee.
Mark Hitchcock, has written his book Blood Moon Rising, in response to Hagee's prophetic beliefs of the Four Blood Moons; in addition, Hitchcock points to what God's Word states on eschatology and Jewish Feasts.
Bible Prophecy or eschatology is a topic which stimulates strong views. From those who believe in premillennialism, amillennialism, or postmillenialism. To those who have various beliefs about the rapture and tribulation. 
The four blood moons, or tetrad, are lunar eclipses which happen during the "Jewish feast days or high holy days". These "days" are the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. The dates for the four blood moons, plus a total solar eclipse are:
"April 15, 2014---Passover
October 8, 2014---Feast of Tabernacles
March 20, 2015--Total Solar Eclipse
April 4, 2015---Passover
September 28, 2015---Feast of Tabernacles."
The blood moons are called this because of a "reddish hue or blood color."
John Hagee has stated, "God is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. He is preparing to display the next series of signs in the heavens." page 9 (from, Blood Moons Rising).

                 Mark Hitchcock's aim for Blood Moons Rising. 
"My goal is to present what I believe Scripture says about the end times, examine the historical evidence for the blood moons prophecy, and leave you to make your own decision. I used to be an attorney, so I want to make my case, present the evidence, and let you render your own verdict." Page xi.
My Thoughts:
Eschatology teaching often borders on more fiction than fact. A more politically correct word is speculate, but it's really fiction.
End time books and movies mesmerize and make the hair on the back of our neck all prickly. The topic is interesting, provoking, and creates discussion. Discussion promotes attention.
This is the first book I've read on Bible prophecy of end times. I've read the Bible from cover to cover numerous times. In 2013, I read Revelation twelve times in twelve different translations.
Blood Moons Rising, is the first book on this topic I've read.
Being new to this type of genre can be positive and negative. Positive in that I'm fresh to the topic, no preconceived views of it, and further I'm not a fan of any speaker or pastor on eschatology.
It's negative in that I am an inexperienced reader in the field.

My feeling is Mark Hitchcock, has written a basic, beginning piece on eschatology. This includes a mini-study of the book of Revelation. He has included a study of Leviticus 23, which is on the Jewish Feasts. Hitchcock is a believer of premillinnialism and pretribulation view. The reader has to take in to context his beliefs.
The average Christian reader is not a heavy theology based reader. I believe Blood Moons Rising, is an adequate and interesting look at the subject for beginners to eschatology and the study of blood moons. For those readers who have more than basic knowledge (or a fan of John Hagee) this is not a book which would be accepted well.
Hitchcock did debunk several points in John Hagee's belief system about the four blood moons, for me this meant the book excelled in its mission. Hitchcock gave Scripture evidence for his case, this point is tantamount for his mission.
Over-all, Blood Moons Rising, is an enjoyable book to read, it's interesting, encouraged me to look up Hitchcock's Scripture references, and created an interest to read more books in this genre.

Mark Hitchcock
Attorney Mark Hitchcock thought his career was set after graduating from law school in 1984 and getting a job working with a judge at the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. But after what Mark calls a "clear call to full-time ministry," he changed course and went to Dallas Theological Seminary, completing a master's degree in 1991 and a doctoral degree in 2006. Since 1991 Mark has served as senior pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He has authored 15 books related to end-time Bible prophecy and was the contributing editor for the Internet-based Left Behind Prophecy Club for four years. Mark and his wife, Cheryl, live in Edmond with their two sons, Justin and Samuel.

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Joyful Reader said…
Great review on this one. I just want to tell others that are all wrapped up in end time events, "Just be ready!" But then in the case of myself and my husband we feel that the time is short and we have lots of work to get done for the Lord. May are lost. But I don't think we should be living our lives looking for the signs that will tell us the end is near. Thanks for this great and honest review.