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[Review] Rules of Murder by Julianna Deering

Title: Rules of Murder: A Drew Farthering Mystery Book #1
Author: Julianna Deering
Publisher: Bethany House July 2013
Genre: Fiction, Murder Mystery, 1920s, England
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free copy from Bethany House as apart of their An Open Book choice.

Rules of Murder, is on the short list for the Mystery and Thriller for an INSPYS Bloggers Choice Award for 2014.

Author Julianna Deering/
Julianna Deering has always loved British history and literature and is particularly a fan of the classic mysteries written by Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas and now works for an attorney specializing in wills and estate planning. She lives outside Dallas, Texas, where she loves to quilt, cross-stitch, and watch hockey.
To read an excerpt of book two in the Drew Farthering Mystery series (book two available now):
Death by the Book #2. 
Book three available summer 2014: Murder at the Makado #3. 

"Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, the old manor house exuded respectability and permanence rather than great beauty, but it had a certain pleasing symmetry that saved it from outright stodginess." Page 7. 
Handsome gray-eyed Drew Farthering, lives at Farthering Place, with his mother Constance, and step-father Mason Parker. Early in the story, Drew acknowledges a lack of respect and trust in his mother; however, he admires his step-father. Additional guests arrive at Farthering Place and a party is held. Drew meets "periwinkle blue-eyed" Madeline Parker. While Drew and Madeline are enjoying an intimate moment, a murdered body is found. The investigation leads to mishandling of funds, blackmail, and uncovered secrets.

My Thoughts:
I loved this story from start to finish.
I felt the characters are true to form in speech and mannerism, and society and culture, of England in the 1920s.
The dialogue is proper diction, witty, charming.
The mutual attraction and relationship between Drew and Madeline is fast-paced yet genuine.
As par for mystery stories there are a few surprises and twists before the ending is clear.
The story is an enjoyable read, and helped to wash away the tedious days of the past week.

Link at Amazon: Rules of Murder. 
Kindle $8.99
Paperback $11.33