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Review: Critical Reaction by Todd M. Johnson

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group/Bethany House, November 2013
Genre: Christian fiction, environmental law, nuclear reactor, courtroom drama
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free copy from Bethany House and an Open Book in exchange for a review.

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The Hanford Nuclear Facility is located in Washington State, on land that once belonged to the Yakama. They had hunted and fished in the area, it was their homeland. In the 1940s, the Hanford facility was built, and a dam was built in the 1950s, these encroached on their ability to fish and hunt. A way of life that had existed for generations ended.
Kieran Mullaney, works in the Plutonium production lab at the nuclear facility. Poppy and Lewis are guards at the facility. On a cold night, an explosion rocks the facility, sending a green and orange cloud from the smokestack. Months later, Kieran contacts an old friend from college, Emily Hart. Emily and her father are attorneys. As the story progresses it becomes evident they are all at risk, because of what happened at the testing facility.

My Thoughts:
I read the entire 384 pages in one day. From the first page to the end I could not lay the book down.
I don't think I've read a book about a nuclear disaster, and its after affects. Nor, have a I read a story with the theme of land previously home to Native Americans, and been snatched away for hazardous scientific work.
Critical Reaction, might have gone the way of a lone political agenda. Instead, it lets the story tell itself and the reader can decide for them self.
My favorite character is Poppy. He is a seasoned rugged man. His character traits are reminiscent of the "Greatest Generation". He's a man of wisdom, strong work ethic, family man, resilient, intuitive.
Critical Reaction, has minimal court room drama. Most of the story is the disaster itself, the after affects on its people, and the research and investigation needed to try the case.

Critical Reaction, is based in part in a real case handled by the author and trial lawyer, Todd M. Johnson.