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Review: Psalms: A 12-Week Study (Knowing The Bible) by Douglas Sean O'Donnell

Publisher: Crossway, June 15, 2014
Genre: Non-fiction, Bible Study, Old Testament, Psalms
Format: pdf
Pages: 96
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free copy from Crossway in exchange for a review. All reviews expressed are from my own opinion.

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Other studies in the Knowing The Bible series:
Matthew, Philippians, Proverbs, Ruth and Esther, Acts, Genesis, Romans, Isaiah, John, James, and Mark.
All the studies are 12-week in format.
Link for more information: Knowing The Bible

All Scripture references are from the 2001, ESV, Bible by Crossway. References to additional content held in the ESV, Study Bible are referred to often in the Knowing The Bible, Psalms. The additional content is pertaining to word definition and history.
From the series preface:
"Knowing the Bible, as the series title indicates was created to help readers know and understand the meaning, the message, and the God of the Bible." Page 6. 
Week 1 is an overview of Psalms.
The 12-week study covers 150 chapters of Psalms. Psalms is divided into 5 books.
"Book 1 Psalms 1-41"
"Book 2 Psalms 42-72"
"Book 3 Psalms 73-89"
"Book 4 Psalms 90-106"
"Book 5 Psalms 107-150"
The books are divided further, the titles and chapters given are:
"Week 2: Doorway to the Psalms" covers 1-18
"Week 3: Love the Lord, All You His Saints" covers 19-31
"Week 4: Surrounded by Steadfast Love" covers 32-41
"Week 5: Why Are You Cast Down, O My Soul?" covers 42-56
"Week 6: Let the Nations Be Glad" covers 57-72
"Week 7: Truly God Is Good to Israel" covers 73-78
"Week 8: Glorify Your Name" covers 79-89
"Week 9: My Foot Slips" covers 90-106
"Week 10: I Will Awake the Dawn!" covers 107-119
"Week 11: The Songs of Ascents" covers 120-134
"Week 12: Let Everything That Has Breath" covers 135-150

In each chapter there is an intro to the section of Psalms, followed by "reflection and discussion" questions, an explanation section "Gospel Glimpses", "Whole-Bible Connections", "Theological Soundings", "Personal Implications", finishing with the encouragement to pray for reflecting and asking the Lord to teach us what we've studied.

I love the study series of Knowing The Bible. The ESV, Study Bible, by Crossway, is a favorite Bible of mine. To have a Bible study gleaned from the ESV, Study Bible, is a jewel.
The organization of the study is perfect.
I believe this study is more than a brief encounter in studying Psalms.
The Bible study on Psalms can be used for individual or group use.
My favorite feature is "The Gospel Glimpses", "Whole-Bible Connections", and "Theological Soundings". These sections teach Israels' background at the time of when the Psalm were written, what key words mean, and uniting that Psalm with the rest of Scripture (for example: Jesus as the king, Messiah.)


Gerry Teigrob said…
I would love to review these books as well. Worth the effort. I am building my ESV Knowing the Bible study series...and would love to review copies of those newer ones out there like Ecclesiastes or others in exchange for a free copy!