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Review: Ismeni, An eShort Prelude to The Legend of Sheba by Tosca Lee

Publisher: Howard Books, August 26, 2014
Genre: Historical fiction, Queen of Sheba,
Format: ebook, Kindle
Pages: 52
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free ebook Kindle copy from Amazon.

Amazon-Kindle available for free. 

Ismeni is a 52 page story which is a prequel to the full length story of The Legend of Sheba. Ismeni is the mother of the future Queen of Sheba (her given name is also known by other names: Makeda, Bilqis, Bilquis, Bilkis). The various spellings and names of the Queen of Sheba, depend upon which country or nationality of people are referring to her, as well as a familiar name such as a family member or lover called her.
Ismeni was born under an austere astrological sign. She is famous for her beauty. However, people fear her because of the "signs" associated with her birth. The youngest son of the king takes a romantic interest in her. The life she had hoped to live becomes complicated and out of her control. The great love of Ismeni's life is her daughter. Ismeni pours all of her focus, instruction, dreams, hopes, and love, into her daughter Bilqis.

One of my favorite features of an ebook is the ability to read a sample before purchasing. In the case of the story of Ismeni, the prequel to The Legend of Sheba, I was given the ability to read 52 pages.
Ismeni, gave the story of the early years of Bilqis, as well as the story of her mother's life which gave a stronger setting for the longer featured story in The Legend of Sheba.
For Bilqis, her mother was her entire world. They were incredibly close. I believe those formative years strengthened Bilqis in every way, giving her the stamina, endurance, wisdom, insight, and savvy strength she needed to rule in a man's world.   
In all of the books I've read by Tosca Lee, she has the strong ability to set a dramatic scene. She tells a story utilizing all of the senses, I can picture in my mind what I'm reading, as well as be provoked emotionally by the story. At times I can even "smell" the exotic fragrance of spice, or "feel" the arid sandy desert.