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(Review) 50 Things You Need To Know About Satan and Demons by Mark H. Muska

Publisher: Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group. The paperback is available November 4. The Kindle is available now.
Genre: Spiritual Warfare, demons, Satan.
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 144.
Rating: 4 Stars for Very Good.
Source: Free copy from Bethany House in exchange for a review. All reviews expressed are from my own opinion.

Available on @ Amazon for Kindle.

50 Things You Need To Know About Satan and Demons is a starting point for the subjects of Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare. The book addresses the important focus for Christians, pertaining to myth and folklore versus what the Bible states.
Mark Muska clarifies all of his points with Bible verses.
Examples of chapters:

  • Who is Satan?
  • How does Satan act against humans?
  • What is exorcism?
  • Why does Satan want to destroy us?
  • Do demons inhabit specific places?
  • Why did Jesus forbid demons from speaking when He cast them out?
  • What is hell? Is it a real place? Where is it?
  • What is spiritual warfare?
  • Are witches real?

My Thoughts:
Books on the subjects of Satan and demons are rare in the Christian market. I have read the book Spiritual Warfare: The Battle For God's Glory by Jerry Rankin (link given to read the review). The Kindle price at this time is .99 cents. It could be most Christians avoid these subjects. Avoiding the subjects does not make the reality of them go away.
What I loved about 50 Things You Need to Know About Satan and Demons is the debunking of myths and folklore. So much of what we know is from media, especially in regards to Hollywood movies. The most notable are the movies The Exorcist and The Omen. It is important for Christians to understand we are saved by God's grace. Although we live in the world and can be oppressed by Satan and demons, this will only happen if God allows it to happen for the purpose of developing our character and growth in Christ Jesus. We can trust God because He has already won the war. Our focus should not be on Satan and demons, but on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Mark H. Muska reminds often to "take heed" and "any experience that we claim to have that goes beyond what the Bible teaches must be approached with great caution."
Today is Halloween. Christian parents approach the day often not knowing what to do. Some parents ignore the day all together, and others allow their children to wear innocent looking costumes and celebrate the day. Muska's advice is to "take a strong stand against occult or evil."