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(Review) Holman Rainbow Study Bible King James Version Edition

Publisher: B and H Publishing Group, October 1, 2014.
Genre: King James Version Bible.
Format: Mantova Brown Leather touch.
Pages: 1632.
Rating: 5 Stars for excellent.
Source: Free copy from B and H Publishing in exchange for a review. All reviews expressed are from my own opinion.

Link for more information at B and H Publishing. 

The Bible is available at Christian Book,

The Rainbow Study Bible is known for its color-coded system. All of the verses in the Bible are highlighted by a particular color, based on whether the verse is one of twelve subjects in the Bible. The twelve subjects are: God, discipleship, love, faith, sin, evil, salvation, family, outreach, commandments, history, and prophecy. When "God, the Father; the Son, Jesus Christ; or the Holy Spirit" is speaking, the words аге highlighted in purple. When the verses pertain to discipleship, the verses are a salmon color (orange-pink). 
The editors stated they had to make a choice at times on the subject the verse "most strongly related to", because there are verses where "more than one color is applicable." 
Twelve subjects and colors were chosen, because "twelve is a number of completeness in the Bible, as evidenced by the twelve tribes of Israel in the Old Testament, and the twelve apostles in the New Testament." 
The colors are representative of the subject. The color purple is "assigned to God because it is a royal color." "Blue assigned to Salvation because it has a heavenly or eternal connotation." 
The positions of the colors according to the number preference is important. God is first "because there is Оne God." "Evil in the sixth position because of the significance of 666 and the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation." 
The Bible is distinguished by "Bold Underlining" of "all spoken Words of God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) throughout the text."
There are 98 "in-text maps, in-text illustrations, and back maps." The last eight maps are included in the back. The majority of the maps and illustrations are dispersed through the Bible.
Each book in the Bible is given an introduction page. The introduction is one page identifying: "author and theme," "background and content," "key words and themes."
Reference verses are in the center margin.
Study aids are the last section in the Bible. Examples of study aids are: "Table of Weights and Measures," a chart of "Ancient Versions of Biblical Text," "100 Popular Bible Passages," Bible verses to memorize, a Bible reading chart; and my favorite section is "A Harmony of the Gospels." A concordance is included.

"For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you." 1 Peter 1:24-25. 

My Thoughts:
When I was a child growing up, the King James Version is all I had available to read. Most people I knew, only had a King James Version Bible. In our modern age there are many choices in Bible translations; however, a survey was conducted in 2013, and the King James Version Bible is still the most widely read Bible version.
What I loved about the Holman Rainbow Study Bible King James Version:

  • The print is bold and in a type-font size that is easy to read.
  • The pages are a matte finish and easy to turn.
  • The color-coded system makes Bible reading systematized. 
  • The Bible is light-weight and easy to carry. 
  • The Bible "feels" personal. 
  • There is not a glare from the usual white pages in a Bible. 
  • The seven page "A Harmony of the Gospels" section is significant for reflection and study.  
  • The maps and illustrations add a stimulating visual quality.
  • The Bible pages and illustrations are beautiful.  

I read the book of Jeremiah from the Holman Rainbow Study Bible King James Version, as apart of my goal of reading through the Bible in a year. I plan to read Proverbs (the last book to read for 2014) from this Bible.

The Holman Rainbow Study Bible King James Version, is not a study Bible heavy with material like in the Crossway ESV Study Bible, or the Zondervan NIV Study Bible. The Holman Rainbow Study Bible King James Version is a basic study Bible for laypeople of any age. I highly recommend it for its content, function, and daily Bible reading.

The survey on Bible reading in American society, is a pdf by the American Bible Society, Barna Group. It is 82 pages in length.

Bible verse link courtesy of Bible Gateway. 


Amber said…
A very helpful review. What a great idera!
I am thinking of getting one of these.