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2015 Operation Deepen Faith

Operation Deepen Faith is more of a perpetual challenge that has been ongoing for a few years. Becky has tweaked the challenge over the years, but the motivation behind the challenge is the same-READ the BIBLE. The author of the challenge is Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible. To read more information on the challenge and to sign-up: 2015 Operation Deepen Faith. 
My goal for this challenge is I, II, III, IV, and V. I plan to take part in all of the choices!
Goal I is Wonderful Words of Life---read the Bible.
Goal II is How Firm a Foundation---study one book of the Bible all year, read the book at least four times.
Goal III is Deep and Wide---read multiple books of the Bible in multiple translations.
Goal IV is Meditate or Memorize---choose a verse to read and reflect on, not necessarily memorize.
Goal V is Christian Non-fiction---read theology books.

For goal number I, I plan to read the whole Bible from the NKJV. I've grown to love this translation. I love the beauty of the prose. And the ease of reading the translation-including reading it aloud.
For goal number II, I plan to read and study 2 Corinthians. I will read the book 12 times in 12 different translations.
For goal number III, I plan to incorporate the goal of reading 2 Corinthians multiple times; plus to read Exodus, Romans, and Hebrews-4 times each in 2015.
For goal number IV, I plan to meditate and memorize. In my Bible Reading Updates that I post, I will explain further what Scriptures I have meditated and memorized.
For goal number V, I already read a lot of Christian non-fiction, including theology type books. My goal is to read 30+ in 2015.

Thank you to my dear friend Becky for hosting this remarkable challenge!