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(Review) All She Ever Wanted by Lynn Austin

Publisher: Bethany House, 2005.
Genre: Fiction, family saga.
Format: Hardcover.
Pages: 400.
Rating: 3 stars for good.
Source: Self-purchase.

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Kathleen Seymour is having a "no-good-very-bad-day." A fight with her boss. A phone call from the police department about her teenage daughter. A fight with her daughter. And an invitation to attend a party for a dad she's not seen in over 35 years.
Too many events have stirred Kathleen's childhood memories. A trip back to the past (literally) is a chance for closure.

My Thoughts:
There are a few aspects of the book I really liked. There are a few aspects I did not like.
What I liked:
  • Multiple main characters. All the characters link together (family), but show different personalities, choices, time periods, and world history events. 
  • Coming of age story. 
  • I love the time period of the 1940s and 1960s. 
What I disliked:
  • The ending is wrapped up tight with a cute little bow. The entire book had been about broken people living broken lives. A quick clean-up is nonsense. 
  • Too many stories of secondary characters who needed their own book. For example: Rory Quinn. He was an dreamy, shifty, odd person. I wonder if he had a mental illness? His choice to abandon family in Ireland, and drag away his eldest daughter Fiona promising unrealistic expectations made me angry. Further, Fiona never learned to make wise choices. 
  • Kathleen's husband is plain and boring. He has very little story-line.