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(Review) The Sweet Side of Suffering: Recognizing God's Best When Facing Life's Worst by M. Esther Lovejoy

Publisher: Discovery House Publishers, March 4, 2013.
Genre: Non-fiction, suffering, faith, Christian growth.
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 160.
Rating: 4 Stars for Very Good.
Source: Self-purchase.

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The theme is on suffering and blessings that follow.
Ten chapters all begin with the words "The Sweetness of...."
Sweet and suffering are not words that humanity wants in one sentence. But only God can take a hardship and bring blessing.
Lovejoy gives examples of Bible characters, herself, and others to explain her point in blessings coming from suffering.
The sentence that I believe is the focal verse of the book: "God is faithful in all circumstances."

My Thoughts:
The Sweet Side of Suffering is a concise book, which will help a person going through a life struggle and are looking for a place of comfort. Our comfort comes from the Lord. And The Sweet Side of Suffering affirms what we know in our mind, but need to be reminded of in our heart.
The only draw-back is I believe the author held back in sharing from her life. It could be she wanted to hold on to privacy. The Christian non-fiction market has become more transparent in memoir books. Sometimes it's a "too-much-information" in a book. More often, to know another person has or is going through what I'm going through helps. It brings intimacy. It brings hope.