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(Review) Twelve Unlikely Heroes: How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do With You by John MacArthur

Publication Date: August 12, 2014.
Publisher: Nelson Books, an imprint of Thomas Nelson.
Genre: Bible stories, biographies.
Pages: 240.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 4 Stars for very good.

Book is available @ Amazon,
and @ Christian Book. 

Author's site: Grace to You. 

Bio of John MacArthur. 
John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California,
president of The Master’s College and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You
media ministry. Grace to You radio, video, audio, print, and website resources reach millions
worldwide each day. In more than four decades of ministry, John has written dozens of
bestselling books, including The MacArthur Study Bible,The Gospel According to Jesus, The
MacArthur New Testament Commentary series, and Slave. He and his wife, Patricia, have four
married children and fifteen grandchildren.

Mark and Onesimus: A Tale of Two Runaways. 

"Some heroes are made in a moment. Others are defined by a lifetime."

(Review) The Evangelism Study Bible, New King James Version

Publication Date: October 24, 2014.
Publisher: Kregel.
Genre: Bible.
Pages: 1564.
Source: Free copy from Kregel in exchange for a review.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

The Kregel Book Tour was January 19-23, 2015. I was unable to post my review during this week because I was sick.
Blog Tour page (to read further reviews).

Link @ Amazon: The Evangelism Study Bible. 
Link @ Christian Book: The Evangelism Study Bible. 

The Evangelism Study Bible was compiled and edited by Dr. R. Larry Moyer. Dr. Moyer is the founder of Evan Tell, Inc. 
Their mission is to teach Christians to share the Gospel in a concise and straight-forward manner. The Evangelism Study Bible is intended to be a tool in sharing the Gospel.

The Evangelism Study Bible features:

double-column14 color mapsa 3 page Gospel presentation help123 page concordance3 pages of evangelism termsnot a red letter editioncross-references45 devotionals260 articles on current topics in evangelism 8 point type size My Thoughts: My fav…

A New Bible Study by Jen Wilkin, Sermon on the Mount

Publication Date: July 1, 2014.
Publisher: Lifeway Christian Resources.
Genre: Bible Study of the Sermon on the Mount.
Pages: 144.

(Review) Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds by Jen Wilkin

Publication Date: July 31, 2014.
Publisher: Crossway.
Genre: Teaching women to read and study the Bible.
Pages: 160.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 5 Stars for excellent.

To read an excerpt: Crossway. 

"As a disciple of Christ, you and I are called to learn, and learning requires effort." Page 23.
Women are known for multi-tasking. Juggling the demands of a job, home, family, and surprise tasks that creep into our days is our norm. It's difficult to carve-out a spot in our day to read, much less study the Bible. We understand we should read and study the Bible and feel guilty because we don't. Further, we don't even know where to start. It's easy to depend on other people to tell us what the Bible says. But would we really know if someone told us something that was false? How can we expect to "grow up into salvation" if we are not reading God's Word?
Jen Wilkin, in nine chapters, teaches women how to read and study the Bible in order t…

Bible Reading Update

Today is the first Bible reading update for 2015. During the month of December I took a long break. Unfortunately the break began with a fourteen day illness.
The last Bible reading update posted was on November 13, 2014.
When a new year begins and I start a new round of reading through the Bible I'm excited. The excitement does not wane through the year because I love God's Word. Most days I read the Bible. Sometimes a brief section is read and sometimes it's a large chunk. I do not read the Bible by following a particular plan. I don't read from Genesis straight through to Revelation. Early in the year the books of Job, Ezekiel, Lamentations,Leviticus, Song of Solomon are read. Reading these books later in the year especially during the holiday season can be tough. I take notes while reading the Bible---including writing in the margins of the pages. I have 2 new Bibles, both ESV translations. One is portable, easy to carry, a beautiful burgundy color of imitation le…