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Future Reviews

I'm reading two books for reviews.
One is a chunkster, the second book is small but filled with meditative writing.
Christianity in Roman Africa: the development of its practices and beliefs by J. Patout Burns Jr. and Robin M. Jensen.
Published by Eerdman, November 2014.
There are 723 pages, with 153 color photographs and black ink drawings.

The Confessions of St. Augustine by Augustine of Hippo.
Foreword by Warren W. Wiersbe.
Published by Baker Books/Revell Publishing in 2005.
There are 199 pages.
This book is an edited version of the original. It is considered to be a confiteri (read the definition provided by link) and not necessarily an autobiography.
This little book has been sitting on the bookshelf gathering dust. Christianity in Roman Africa refers to Augustine. I thought the two books complemented one another.