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(Review) My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord by Heather Bixler

Publication Date: June 12, 2011.
Publisher: Becoming Press.
Genre: Bible study, Scripture journal.
Pages: 120.
Source: Free Kindle ebook @ Amazon.
Rating: 3 stars for good.

To read a brief example: My Scripture Journal. 

Heather Bixler's website.

My Scripture Journal is a tool to help memorize Bible verses. The books audience is for readers with a "short attention span." I take this to mean the book is for people who are not fond of reading. And I'm guessing most of the readers of my blog love to read and would consider this book to be brief.
The Bible study is twelve weeks/chapters in length. Most of the Bible verses are from Psalms, a few from Proverbs; plus Luke 1:50 and 2 Kings 17:39.
Bixler begins by explaining what it "means to fear the Lord."

My Thoughts:
I believe this is an adequate Bible study for a light reader, or for a new Christian.
You can't beat the price. Free.
Memorizing Scripture is a hard discipline. The difficult part is finding time and in knowing how to get started. It helps to have a guide book such as My Scripture Journal.
Not all Christians want to dive off into a major disciplined Bible study like BSF or Precepts. Although I recommend both Bible studies.

On a similar subject:
I am a member of Beth Moore's Siesta Sister Scripture Memorization Team. What this means is I memorize two Bible passages per month. One on the first. A second on the fifteenth. A total of 24 verses will be memorized in 2015. In order to keep me accountable I post the verses I'm going to memorize on the first and fifteenth of each month on Beth's Facebook post, along with all the people memorizing Bible verses.