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Bible Journaling 101

I'd shared earlier this year that I was doing something different while reading through the Bible. I've joined a group on Facebook who focus on Bible journaling and follow several people on Pinterest who journal in their Bibles.
Since January, I'm trying "my hand" at Bible journaling. At times I feel inept. Other times the right side of my brain takes over and I could care less about perfection.
The journaling Bible I use is the ESV Crossway Journaling Bible.
Bible journaling can be done by drawing pictures, whimsical writing, or note taking; and by using watercolors (paint, pencil, and marker), acrylic paint, oil pastel crayons, Crayola Twistable Pencils; and using a variety of non-bleed pens, for example, Micron pens. Stickers can be used as well as stenciling. A person is free to use or not use what they wish. The emphasis is on reading the Bible and using creativity to mark a page.
When reading the Bible I'm looking for certain words that I mark with a symbol. I'm using a Precept marking symbol chart and a set of Micron pens that come in a package of several colors. The primary colors used are purple, black, blue, green, red, and occasionally brown. Often I end up reading a page several times, looking for particular words to make sure they are all found.
The Precept chart can be found at this link: Precept Camden files.
I do not look for every word on the chart as this would take a long time.
The following words are looked for:
Jesus Christ
Eternal Life
Devil, evil spirits, etc.
Any reference to time.
Hear, listen, and anything attributed to the ear.
In addition, I have marked the words: joy, wisdom, and I am. I also look for words that repeat. For example, the words believe, testimony, witness, light, night, dark are used often in the book of John.
Early this year with the use of The Strongest Exhaustive Concordance, I looked up the word wisdom and wise. Every book of the Bible (OT and NT) that had the word wise or wisdom in it, I placed an owl sticker on the first page, followed by noting every verse that had wise or wisdom in it. I then underlined all of those words in that book.
If you are interested in Bible journaling don't feel like you need to spend $$$. Crayola Twistable Crayons and a Micron pen set is the most useful tools, they are inexpensive and easy to find. The journaling Bible can be pricey, keep your eye out for bargains online or in the store, I know of some people who have found them at Goodwill and garage sales.

Are you reading your Bible?