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(Review) 31 Days of Praise: Enjoying God Anew by Ruth Myers

Publication Date: My copy 1994.
Publisher: Multnomah Books.
Genre: Nonfiction, prayer/praise.
Pages: 160.
Source: Gift.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent.

Christian Book

Ruth Myers passed away in 2010. She had worked as a writer for the Navigators. To read a write-up on her legacy: Ruth Myers. 

For a listing of her books visit Christian Book.

Praising God means a focus and intent on praising and glorifying God. It is NOT a time to request something. It is NOT a time to reflect on anything other than God himself.
It's so easy to turn a time of praise back to self and our wants and needs. 31 Days of Praise helps the mind stay on the intended focus.
Each of the 31 days are 1 to 2 pages in length. There is a reading of praising God for a particular point, and then Bible verses are listed for further reflection on the day's subject. In addition, there is a Bible verse and section to write thoughts.

My Thoughts:
31 Days of Praise is one of my favorite books. I've read through this book several times. It's important to look up the verses given as references, these are as important or more important than the authors praise section. The two areas blend in perfection, because reading God's Word creates a changed heart and mind.
Praising God is not something humans find comfortable or easy. We are a selfish ego driven creation. All the more reason to discipline our self to shift the focus off of self and to God. Praising God is not an art perse, but it is a discipline, it is a shifting of our will and towards our Lord and Creator.
An example of one of my favorite days, "Day Fifteen."
I'm so grateful, Lord, that the Christian life is not a rigorous self-improvement course or a do-it-yourself kit...that it is not a call to prove myself or improve myself by overcoming my own shortcomings and failures, in my own way, by my own resources. Thank You that, instead, You are at work in me and in my situation to break old patterns of thought and action, to create within me both the desire and the power to do Your gracious will...and to make me a joy to You in new ways." Page 79.