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(Review) Direct Hit: The Blitz Detective by Mike Hollow

Publication Date: June 27, 2015.
Publisher: Lion Hudson/Kregel Publications. 
Genre: Fiction, British crime and mystery.
Pages: 320
Source: Free paperback copy from Kregel Publications in exchange for a review.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

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Direct Hit is the first book in a new series on detective investigation in London, England, during World War II. The story begins with the discovery of a murdered man found in a cab. The body is found on the first day of what will be known as the London Blitz. Detective Inspector John Jago and Detective Constable Peter Cradock are the investigating detectives. An American Journalist named Dorothy Appleton is working as a foreign correspondent. She interviews Jago on police work and "the war from the British angle."

My Thoughts:
One of my favorite genres is British crime and mystery stories.
I loved the personality of John Jago. He is reserved, intelligent, lonely, and haunted by past memories. Direct Hit shows both sides of his demeanor, character, and humanity. He is investigating a crime during a harsh history in London. The German enemy is attacking England on their own soil. The haunting memories of the previous war is on Jago's mind, as well as other characters. He balances detective work alongside a war and the added jumble of the game of politics.
I'm pleased the character of Dorothy is in the story. She and Jago brought a needed respite. Dorothy's entrance also brings a secondary story.
The setting, culture, society, and language of London during the 1940s brought realism. References to films and actors are made, certain streets and neighborhoods are given, and common sayings are used. I'm hoping this element will continue to be developed in future books.
Direct Hit has been an enjoyable read, it's been to long since I've read an absorbing fiction book.