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(Review) A Love Like Ours (Porter Family Novels) by Becky Wade

Publication Date: May 5, 2015.
Publisher: Bethany House.
Genre: Christian fiction.
Pages: 368.
Source: Free paperback copy from Bethany House.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

Christian Book

Jake and Lyndie knew each other when they were kids growing up in rural Texas. Lyndie moved away to California when she was ten and Jake twelve. Twenty years later Lyndie begins working with Jake at the Whispering Creek Ranch Thoroughbred farm. Jake is quiet, withdrawn, stoic. He is a Marine Veteran of the war in Iraq. He has PTSD. He has both physical scars and those scars that lay hidden. The chemistry between them is evident, but Jake's haunting memories are a deterrent.

My Thoughts:
I was not sure I wanted to read this story. My son is a Veteran. He is 100% disabled due to PTSD. My hold-back in reading the novel, was I was not sure how the author would portray a Veteran with PTSD. A Love Like Ours is obvious from the title that it's a love story. Having a relationship with a person who has PTSD is tough. It is an ongoing everyday process. I did not want to read a sappy-happily-every-after novel, because the reality is that there is no such thing. It does not exist. This does not exist in any type of relationship, but add PTSD and the serious problems rise. I'm relieved to state, A Love Like Ours, is realistic in regards to the symptoms and how Jake deals or does not deal with PTSD. Flash-backs and nightmares are common symptoms of PTSD and Jake exhibits these. If there is a future book with the characters of Jake and Lyndie, I'm hoping the story will continue in presenting life with PTSD, and the ongoing healing process.
I don't care for the front cover of the book. I'm not sure why Christian fiction books have the same kind of covers: beautiful thin models of perfection. All the covers are beginning to run together as being the same thing over and over. Can't there be something else on the front cover? A Love Like Ours has the setting at a horse ranch, couldn't the front cover be of a horse ranch, or horses, or scenery?
I'm not a big fan of romance novels, probably because they seem unrealistic, silly. I really liked A Love Like Ours. There was real life problems to contend with, serious issues from Jake's PTSD, and other family health problems. I felt the author gave both realism and hope. The characters showed they knew they needed to deal with painful unresolved memories and yet they had hope for the future. They also knew life was a work in process.