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(Review) What Keeps You Up At Night: How To Find Peace While Chasing Your Dreams by Pete Wilson

Publication Date: May 5, 2015.
Publisher: W Publishing Group, An Imprint of Thomas Nelson.
Genre: Nonfiction, Christian living, courage.
Pages: 224.
Source: Free paperback from Book Look Bloggers and Thomas Nelson in exchange for a review.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

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What Keeps You Up At Night has a Bible study 

What Keeps You Up At Night is a study on anxiety and fear, and how to overcome them.
Pete Wilson begins by addressing how fear has disoriented us, held us back, and changed our mindset. Further, he explains Satan's battle-plan in using fear to cause us to feel isolated and alone. Wilson explores several points that will pilot away from anxiety and fear, and towards freedom.

"One Steps in the Darkness"
Two Expect Conflict
Three Hang On to What Lasts
Four Embrace Uncertainty
Five Learn to Wait
Six Give Up Your Container
Seven Endure the Dip
Eight Recalibrate
Nine Lean into Transition
Ten Live for the Adventure
Eleven Anticipate Confirmation
Twelve Pass It On"

At the end of each chapter there are three sections listed:
1. "Key Ideas.
2. Reflection Questions.
3. Your Next Step."

My Thoughts:
I'm a heavy reader who has widely read books on the topics of fear, anxiety, insecurity, trust, faith, and courage. What Keeps You Up At Night does not hold new teachings, but expounds on previous teachings I've read. It is for this reason alone I gave What Keeps You Up At Night 4 stars for very good. A new Christian, or a Christian who is not well-read on these topics, this book is excellent.
One point that stood out to me is the teaching of eternal perspective. This is something I wished I'd learned as a young person. The trials and waiting periods of life have an eternal purpose. I can only see the finite, but there is an eternal perspective that God sees. It requires trust on my part. Trusting in God for the significant and eternal purpose of what I'm going through. God has a plan. A unique plan for my life. My task is to trust in Him.