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(Review) Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman

Publication Date: April 7, 2015.
Publisher: Bethany House.
Genre: Christian fiction, identity.
Pages: 336.
Source: Free copy from Bethany House in exchange for a review.
Rating: 3 1/2 stars for good to very good.

Kellie Huddleston is a young woman in her early twenties. When the story begins, she looses her job, her parents have recently died, and the estate her father left is meager. In cleaning out her parents home, she finds paperwork kept hidden for many years. Kellie leaves California and drives to Tennessee to discover her true identity.

My Thoughts:
For the most part, I really liked this story.
The main theme of "identity crisis" is new in Christian fiction. I welcome the change as compared to the usual light romantic main theme.
In Finding Me, a romantic element is brought in to the story, but it is not a main theme, and frankly I feel it is not needed.
A business owner in a small town in Tennessee hires Kellie. People call him Kenmore. He is a link to her past. I liked Kenmore and found him to be an interesting character. He is low-key and understated, yet he creates a curiosity to know more about this man. I feel his character needed more presence and story. At times, I wanted to read about Kenmore and less about Kellie.
Kellie is in search of her true identity. I felt her feelings needed to be stretched out more, or developed more in the story. Her feelings of despair, anger, sadness, shock, and grief needed to be expounded on in more detail, and not rushed in order to conclude on the last page.