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(Review) Irish Meadows, Courage To Dream Book One by Susan Anne Mason

Publication Date: July 2015.
Publisher: Bethany House.
Genre: Fiction, horse farm, family saga.
Pages: 384.
Source: Free paperback copy from Bethany House in exchange for a review.
Rating: 2 stars for okay.

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Two sisters, Brianna and Colleen, live under the heavy control of their father. Their father, James O'Leary, is anxious and determined his girls will marry wealthy men.
James O' Leary owns a Long Island, New York horse farm named Irish Meadows. The year is 1911.
Meanwhile, two young men join the cast of characters. Their presence adds conflict. Gil Whelan, who once lived at Irish Meadows, returns to work with the horses. Rylan Montgomery has just finished seminary.

My Thoughts:
The story is okay, but over-all fell flat.

  • Characters, story line, and added elements (most of them) were predictable. 
  • Gil Whelan is not a strong character (disappointing.) I yearned for more oomph, or chutzpah from him. 
  • There was a twist in the story and I appreciated this. One of the daughters shared a secret, she also evolved as a character. I feel her story became the most important story in Irish Meadows. She alone needed a book!