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(Review) NKJV Journaling Bible

Publication Date: September 2015.
Publisher: Holman/B and H Publishing Group.
Genre: Bible.
Pages: 1376.
Source: Free copy from B and H Publishing in exchange for a review.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

Christian Book

I'm a Bible journaler. I'm currently reading the ESV journaling Bible for daily Bible reading. I've shared in several posts my Bible doodling/art work and Precept symbol notations. I utilize these elements while reading through the Bible. Bible journaling is a new interest I began in January.

The NKJV is one of my favorite translations. The reading of the translation is beautiful, flowing, and pleasant to read. It is a favorite translation for daily Bible reading.

The NKJV Journaling Bible had been set for publishing in July, but it is now set for a September publishing date.

Features of the Bible:

  • Eight point text.
  • The margin size is 1.75 inches. I measured the entire side length and it is longer, a little over 2 inches. The lines that are on the sidebar are 1.75 inches, but total sidebar is a little over 2 inches. 
  • Words of Christ Jesus in red.
  • The Bible lays flat. 
  • Cream colored pages.
  • The presentation page is cream color, and with a side margin of dark purple. 
  • Contents page.
  • God's Plan For Salvation page.
  • Three extra pages between OT and NT that are lined for art work, or taking notes.  
  • Daily Bible Reading Plan chart.
  • 30 page concordance.
  • Eight maps.  
  • The Bible is bonded leather and hardcover. However, I found it flexible, not stiff and not softcover, but slightly flexible. 

My Thoughts:

The notable differences at first sight between the NKJV Bible and the ESV Journaling Bible (my copy.)

  • The ESV is 7.5 point, but bold print; versus the NKJV at 8 point, and not bold print. 
  • The ESV does not have the words of Christ Jesus in red. The NKJV has the words of Christ Jesus in red. 
  • The ESV has matte pages. The NKJV is matte, but there is a little sheen on the pages I can feel. In addition, the pages in the NKJV feel a tiny bit thinner. 
  • The ESV Bibles have many choices in covers. At this time, the NKJV by B and H Publishing, has one choice in a cover. The cover is two tone brown and bonded leather. The Bible's cover is handsome. 
  • The sizes match up as, ESV is 9.50 x 6.50 x 1.75. The NKJV is 8.50 x 6.50 x 1.50.
  • The ESV Bible has no concordance. The NKJV Bible has a 30 page concordance. 
  • The ESV Bible has smaller side margins. The NKJV Bible has larger side margins (see features of the Bible details.) 
Overall, both Bibles are solid and admirable.
I do feel it is up to what the person purchasing the Bible is intending to use the Bible for: artwork and writing, or writing alone. 
If artwork is going to be used, then the thicker pages of the ESV Bible can handle water-based paints better, even if the person uses Gesso, thicker pages seem to do better.
Using ink pens, for example a Micron pen, or Gelly Roll pen, work well in both Bibles. Neither Bible was left with smudges, nor bleed through. 

Lastly, but no less important: 
Enlarging print in a Bible creates a thicker Bible; but I say enlarge the print please!