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(Review) Oswald: Return of the King, The Northumbrian Thrones II by Edoardo Albert

Publication Date: July 27, 2015.
Publisher: Lion Fiction/Kregel.
Genre: Historical fiction.
Pages: 448.
Source: Free paperback copy from Kregel in exchange for a review.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

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Oswald, from a 13th century manuscript. 

Oswald, Return of the King, is book two, in The Northumbrian Throne series. In book one, Edwin is king of Northumbria (kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira.) He is killed in battle. After a battle with Cadwallon, Oswald becomes the King of Northumbria, reuniting the two kingdoms. Oswald's brother is Oswiu. Their mother is Acha, the sister of Edwin.
The time period of Oswald's life is AD 605-642.

In Oswald, Return of the King, Oswald's life is portrayed from the point he finds out Edwin has been killed in battle, until the final battle between Oswald and Penda. Penda is king of Mercia (Midlands.)

My Thoughts:
I've loved this series of books. I'd read Edwin: High King of Britain, and gave the book 5 stars for excellent. I missed the continuing story of Edwin's surviving wife and children. However, I loved being introduced to Oswald, and his mother, and siblings.
Oswald is a man with a conscience. He is a moral man. He is an Arthurian type hero. He has temptations and imperfections, but he is a person of high character. I'd wondered if he had not become king, might he have lived in a monastic order? He is a believer in Christ Jesus. He has been baptized. I noticed he seemed to be a person fit for solitude, prayer, and reflection. On the other hand, he is a man ready for war. At a young age, his father prepared him for combat. Oswald is a courageous and faithful person. He faces battles with courage, whether in everyday life, or in war.
His brother Oswiu, seems more fit for chasing pretty girls, or any girl who would have him.
The two brothers do not reflect the same qualities. I wondered if the younger brother living under his older brother's shadow, "played" the part of the younger, less mature brother?
Oswald, Return of the King is a story of good characters, versus bad characters. Good equals moral. Bad equals evil.
The vivid descriptions of the scenery, weather, and environment brought the story to life.
Oswald: Return of the King is a story both male and female readers can enjoy.
Some of Oswald's life is of legend. Edoardo Albert took what is known about Oswald, and weaved in fiction with what might have happened. His goal was to breathe life into Oswald, in order to share this time period, and the kings who lived in an age when England was not united, but had several kingdoms who made alliances, and also broke them.