Bible Reading Update

My last Bible Reading Update was posted August 25, 2015.
Since my last posting I've read:
Daniel chapters 1-12.
Hosea chapters 1-14. 
Joel chapters 1-3.
Amos chapters 1-9.
Obadiah chapter 1
Jonah chapters 1-4.
Micah chapters 1-7.
Nahum chapters 1-3.
Habakkuk chapters 1-3.
Zephaniah chapters 1-3.
Haggai chapter 1-2
Zechariah chapters 1-14.
Malachi chapters 1-4.
Proverbs chapters 1-31. 

I'm lacking Psalms and Revelation in finishing the Bible. I'm still reading through the ESV Journaling Bible.

In the New English Bible I've read 2 Corinthians for the 9th time in 2015.

All Scripture links courtesy of Bible Gateway. 
Are you reading your Bible?


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