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(Review) Battles of Destiny Collection No. 2, Beloved Enemy and Shadowed Memories by Al Lacy

Publication Date: January 16, 2007.
Publisher: Multnomah Books.
Genre: Historical fiction, Civil War.
Pages: 592.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 3 stars for Beloved Enemy. 4 stars for Shadowed Memories.

In Beloved Enemy, the time period is 1861.
The Abraham Lincoln family is apart of the cast of characters. The battle is the First Bull Run.
Each of Al Lacy's books point to a particular battle. He shows both Union and Confederate forces. He creates characters who will personalize the story.
Jenny becomes involved in spy missions. She and Buck fall in love. Their relationship causes friction in her family.
An additional plot is Buck has been given an important mission by President Lincoln.

In Shadowed Memories, the time period is 1862. The battle is Shiloh.
A soldier is wounded on a battle field. He has no memory of who he is. He does not have enough clothing, or battle gear to identify himself.
He is cared for by a beautiful woman named Hannah Rose.

My Thoughts:
Both stories are good, but I enjoyed reading Shadowed Memories more.
The plot of the amnesiac working to find out who is identity is, who his family is, and what side is he on, Confederate or Union, made it impossible to place the book down.
Both love stories are probable.
The war is not the back drop, but a main character. The war is constant, both swarthy and powerful.
A second reason I enjoyed reading Shadowed Memories more is several women are strong characters. The Civil War was fought primarily by men, but women worked as nurses, and helped in other supportive roles.