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(Review) Esther: Royal Beauty, A Dangerous Beauty Novel #1 by Angela Hunt

Publication Date: January 6, 2015.
Publisher: Bethany House/Baker Publishing.
Genre: Christian fiction, historical fiction story of Esther.
Pages: 352.
Source: Free copy from Bethany House in exchange for a review.
Rating: 3 stars for good.


A young girl named Hadassah hopes and dreams of being beautiful. A chance encounter with Queen Vashti stirred her heart.
The Old Testament story of Esther is brought to life by Angela Hunt. 
Esther: Royal Beauty is not a nonfiction piece, but a historical fiction story. Hunt fills-in with fictional details of Esther's early life before being called to the king's service for her beauty. Hunt fills in the details of Esther's intimacy with Xerxes, king of Persia. Hunt "supplemented" the Biblical story "with writings from the Greek chronicler Herodotus." The "Author's Note" gives a full explanation of how the historical novel was written.

My Thoughts:
There have been other books written on the same story.
All of these books are in the Christian fiction market. I did not include the nonfiction books, nor the Bible study written by Beth Moore.
Esther: Royal Beauty is an entertaining story, but it did not sweep me away. In addition, I did not feel a strong investment in the characters, period.
I love the Bible story of Esther. I did not love Esther: Royal Beauty.
If a reader is looking for an entertaining fictional story of Esther, then Esther: Royal Beauty is a good choice.
If a reader is looking for a Bible based (with no additional outside sources), then this is not the book for you.

What I liked about Esther: Royal Beauty:

  • I was given a new dynamic view of the royal palace and court of King Xerxes.
  • I was given a close-up view of Queen Vashti. 
  • I was given a close-up view of the royal children. 
  • I was shown a negative view of the predicament of Hadassah/Esther. I'm including in this reason her feelings and attitude.