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(Review) Song of Erin by BJ Hoff

Publication Date: 2008. First published 1997.
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers.
Genre: Fiction, Ireland, America, immigration.
Pages: 556.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent.

The Song of Erin is a sweeping story with a large featured cast of characters (and their individual stories): Jack Kane, Brady Kane, Gabriel Vaughan, Terese Sheridan, Cavan Sheridan, David Leslie, Samantha Harte, and Roweena.
The characters are an assorted mix from all walks of life: a business man, artist, rogue, a fisherman, an Irish immigrant creating a life in America, an impressionable young woman, a deaf girl, a young American woman looking for employment, and a caring missionary doctor.
The story takes place in both New York City and Inishmore, Aran Islands, Western Ireland.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book for several reasons.

  • A multitask story. Multiple characters with their own voices and story-lines. The author is the narrator; but Hoff lets the characters show me the details of their lives, feelings, aspirations, triumphs, disappointments, fears, and joys. 
  • A story that crosses the Atlantic. Characters are in both countries, Ireland and America. 
  • Complex realistic stories about difficult situations in life. 
  • A dimensional view of love relationships. 
  • Consequences of wrong choices. 
  • Grace and mercy is shown through the characters. 
  • I was not lost by the pace of the story, but was pulled along until the last page.
  • The characters and story line are believable and realistic.