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(Review) Holy Subversion: Allegience To Christ In An Age Of Rivals by Trevin Wax

Publication Date: 2010.
Publisher: Crossway.
Genre: Nonfiction, Christian living, Lordship.
Pages: 159.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

Holy Subversion is a brief look at Lordship in a Christian's life.
Chapter titles:
"Jesus And The Gospel Of Caesar"
"Subverting The Self"
"Subverting Success"
"Subverting Money"
"Subverting Leisure"
"Subverting Sex"
"Subverting Power"
"Subversive Evangelism"

The word subvert means to overturn, overthrow, or upset (religion, government, morality, etc.)
Definition from Oxford Pocket American Dictionary.
Trevin Wax explains,
There are two ways to understand the word "subvert" or "subversion." The first definition refers to "overthrowing" or plotting the downfall of a kingdom. The second way that "subverting" something is commonly understood refers to "undermining" or "pushing something back down into its proper place." In this book, I use the term "subversive" in the second sense. Each of the "Caesars" that we will deal with in this book are good gifts from God that become idolatrous when they are placed above God himself. Therefore, our job as Christians is to identify and unmask some of the more insidious "Caesars" that seek to muzzle our message and demand our allegiance. Page 26-27.
My Thoughts:
My first thought while reading this book is I feel it is a very good choice for a small group discussion study.
  • Holy Subversion is an quick study at 159 pages. 
  • The topics are applicable to current problems. 
  • Several points in the book are convicting. For example: money is an idol, and how we spend our free "leisure" time. 
A few points about the book I want to address:
  • I feel it would help to have discussion questions at the end of each chapter. 
  • I would have liked an additional chapter on busyness. People are busy being busy. Too busy to have an intimate conversation, too busy to return phone calls, too busy to spend time with older parents, too busy to enjoy a hobby, too busy to spend time with children. Humans have drowned out intimacy from their lives with being busy. For example: a family is in a restaurant, no one is talking, no one is looking at each other, they are all engaged in checking their cell phones. 
  • Chapter 6 is "Subverting Sex."
When people choose to be deliberately childless over an extended period of time, they are rebelling against the Scriptural intention for sex. God does not intend that the marriage bed be inward-focused, but outward-focused, which means that marriages should be open to having children. Page 114.
Trevin Wax is referring to couples who are unable to have children, but those couples who have decided to not have children are "rebelling." I believe this statement is harsh, and may ruffle some feathers in the Christian community.