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(Review) New Living Translation, Everyday Matters Bible for women: practical encouragement to make every day matter

Publication Date: October 13, 2013.
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers.
Genre: Bible.
Pages: 1632.
Source: Free hardback Bible from Hendrickson Publishers in exchange for a review.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent.

Link for the Bible @ Hendrickson.

Link @ Christian Book and Amazon.

  • Black Letter edition.
  • 9 point text.
  • Brief one page introduction for each Bible book.
  • A 7 page "Introduction to the New Living Translation." 
  • An introduction for the "Transforming Everyday Matters" (icons) spiritual disciplines (located in the front of the Bible.) 
  • An index for the 24 (icons) spiritual disciplines (located in the back of the Bible.) 
  • "How To Use This Bible" section. 
  • "How to Use This Bible in a Small Group Study." The focus is four-fold: 1. "everyday matters"; 2. "everyday profiles"; 3. "everyday Q and A"; 4. "everyday reflections"; 5. "apply what you learn." 
  • Books "For Further Reading." 
  • The spiritual discipline icons are located throughout the Bible which include a short devotional. 
  • Examples of contributing devotional authors: Amy Simpson, Richard Foster, Kellie Trujillo, Julie Clawson, Gordon MacDonald, Robert Morgan, Margaret Feinberg, Mark Buchanan, and Nancy Ortberg.   
My Thoughts: 

The New Living Translation is a clear and informal translation. 
  • it's easy to understand, 
  • smooth on the eyes, 
  • flowing to read aloud, 
  • and manageable to use as an everyday Bible reading translation. 

Matthew 20:1-16, NLT. 
For the above passage, the icon is Gratitude: "When Our Focus Is Off." 
The two page article is written by Amy Simpson. 
The emphasis is on being thankful and not complaining, to focus on gratitude and not wishing for more.  

I believe what dramatically sets this Bible apart from other New Living Translation Bibles is it promotes Bible reading and devotional reading. The "spiritual disciplines" zero-in on specific aspects all women wrestle with in life. 
Some people are not able to join a Bible study group. Reading and studying the Bible on their own is helpful when a Bible brings brings both its teaching and application for the reader. 
A second reason I feel Everyday Matters Bible is set apart is it's non-academic. Meaning it is not filled with study Bible material. Instead, the Bible is approachable to an everyday reader.

The Bible is written for an audience of women, thus the devotional material is addressed to women 

Scripture references are courtesy of Bible Gateway.