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(Review) Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light by Nika Maples

Publication Date: April 19, 2016
Publisher: Worthy Publishing Group
Genre: Nonfiction, suffering, hope, Christian life
Pages: 240
Source: Free copy from Worthy Publishing and Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for a review.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent

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Hunting Hope Nika Maples

About the author:
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Nika Maples is the author of Twelve Clean Pages, the memoir of her survival of lupus and a stroke that left her quadriplegic at age 20. After learning to walk and talk again, she became a public school teacher, winning 2007 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. She holds an MA in English Education from Columbia University and currently is pursuing an MDIV from The King's University. When she is not traveling to speak, she lives, writes, and laughs as much as possible in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hunting Hope is written for an audience of readers going through a dark time of suffering and despair. 
An opening question begins the focal question to be answered in the book: where is God in the hard times? 
Maples explains, 
Questions about suffering are questions about sovereignty, Either God is in control, or He isn't. If God is in control, then what we know about God is more important than what we know about our circumstances. Page 7
Maples answers the focus question by teaching us to be "hope hunters." Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Lazarus, and Paul were all hope hunters. Their stories bring a Biblical perspective and reminder to us: we are all hope hunters, hunting for hope in the hard seasons of life.
The hope hunter's response to obstacles is always to surrender to God's work through our trials. God is for us, not against, us. Perhaps our best question is not "How could You let this happen to me, Lord?" but "How are You using this for me, Lord?" Page 7
My Thoughts: 
I love this book for several reasons.
Afterwards, many of her teachings continue to recur in my mind. I feel this is one of those books that I will go back and read again and again, sort of like a devotional book.
Nika Maples has gone through hard seasons in life. One particular time is when she was left a quadriplegic after a stroke. She has since recovered. Maples looks back on this period in her life to bring about a blessing to readers going through hard times.
Maples shares from her life, but the focus is not on her, it is on the Lord and His work in her life.
Maples tone in the book is of a dear friend, holding my hand, and speaking gently. She is personable, transparent, and loving.
Often, while reading the book I had to stop and ponder. Hunting Hope is a deeply moving and penetrating book.

Hunting Hope is full of rich quotes:
Suffering refines our character, and when we grow closer to God because of it, suffering reveals God's character. The Bible tells us that faithfulness is His character, and we see that clearly through the way He sustains us in our trials. Pages 22
God doesn't want to stay in our lovely chapels. He wants to walk the much of our streets. Page 33 
Is it possible that the dark seasons in your life have had similar themes? Ask the Lord to help you see what they are. Maybe yesterday has prepared you for today. Before you begin a battle, ask the Holy Spirit to show you the sword in the corner-the weapon or tool that already belongs to you. Page 76
...but God has used your yesterdays to strengthen you for today. Page 78 
Jesus is always beside me, but He doesn't take the trash to the curb. He doesn't help me clean the pool. Instead, He gives me the patience, gives me the inner strength, gives me the grace, and gives me the wisdom to do it myself. Page 148
There is a webcast this Thursday, May 26, for Hunting Hope.