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(Review)The Uncommon Woman: Making an Ordinary Life Extraordinary by Susie Larson

Publication Date: July 1, 2008
Publisher: Moody
Genre: Nonfiction, Christian Women, Christian Growth
Pages: 200
Source: Self purchase
Rating: 5 stars for excellent.

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"The uncommon woman refuses to let her mistakes or weaknesses define her because she is defined by His strengths alone." Page 26.
The word uncommon refers to ordinary. The book is written to a female audience. No matter the life we are living we can be called by God and live exceptional lives.

Three sections covering twelve chapters.
"The Uncommon Woman Understands the Paradox That She is Nothing and Everything." 
"The Uncommon Woman Embraces a Different Perspective
"The Uncommon Woman Changes the World" 

My Thoughts:
Before reading The Uncommon Woman,  I'd heard of Susie Larson. After reading this book, I began listening to some of the broadcasts from her radio station. I enjoy listening to some of the topics.
The Uncommon Woman covers a variety of subjects, from choosing the right battles, to praying instead of becoming influenced by other people's bad attitudes.
Chapter seven held important lessons for me. I feel the title does not explain the depth of the topic. In brief, do not let the world tell us how we are to respond and act. Further, don't let the wounds of life make us bitter and become like the world.
When we are wounded or attacked, we must remember Christ's example of humility. But in our remembering we do not lose sight of who we are and whose we are...To be transformable is to give the Lord (along with trusted godly people) easy access to the things of our character that Jesus might make us more like Him. But opening our souls up to anyone who wants to say a cross word to us is not wise. Not to say we should keep difficult people out of our lives. They are usually the ones God uses to refine our character. But we must not give more weight to their words than those of our godly friends and wonderful Savior. Page 110-111.
 Chapter nine explores fears.
"We all have a story to tell." 
The longer we live, the more stories we will have to tell.
"If we live by faith instead of being bullied by our fears, those stories will be ones of victory, inspiration, and triumph. Our stories will inspire others to put their fears under their feet." Page 143. 
From painful past experiences to fear of the future, fear feels like a dog chasing us in our waking moments and in our sleep. 
Larson defines fear and explores decisions "we've made out of fear." My favorite point, "We have to love God more than our fears." Page 150.