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(Review) Rewriting Your Broken Story: The Power of an Eternal Perspective by Kenneth Boa

Publication Date: June 12, 2016
Publisher: IVP Books
Genre: Christian life
Pages: 216
Source: Self-purchase
Rating: 5 stars for excellent

For more information @ publisher: Rewriting Your Broken Story. 


All humans have struggles and hardships. However, the life we are living on earth "is not all there is." Kenneth Boa reminds us we can focus our tragedies in life, or we can shift our focus to an eternal perspective. Having an eternal perspective helps us reevaluate our thinking and motivates us to have a greater understanding of our lives.

Temporal Perspective: 
This world is all there is.
There is no life after death.

Eternal Perspective:
Life on earth is important, but there is more than this world has to offer. We were made for eternity. 

1 Your Broken Story
2 Investing in Eternity
3 The Reversible Paradigm
4 Defining Life Backwards
5 Trusting Eternity or Cursing Time
6 Poets, Saints and Heroes
7 Inside Out, Upside Down and Talking to Ourselves
8 Flight Plans, False Goals and a Life Uncommon
9 Out of the Woods and Into the Light
10 What Do You Seek? (Your Heart's Intention)
11 Becoming a Permanent Marker
12 From Theology to Doxology 

My Thoughts:
I love it when a book comes along and is just what I needed to read. It is like medicine. It is an answered prayer.
I know from experience the pains of life can become a stumbling block. The focus is completely on the pain, and not on God's work in my life working through the pain. My focus is on the ouch, and not on how God uses those painful times to develop my faith, character, or build a testimony. It literally is, God "Rewriting" my "Broken Story."
Several reasons led me to give Rewriting Your Broken Story 5 stars for excellent.

  • It is a thinking book. Several times while reading, Rewriting Your Broken Story, I had to pause and think. 
  • The focus is on the eternal perspective and not on the transient time on earth. 
  • It is written with a tone of mercy and grace. Boa understands the readers who may be in the midst of tragedy; yet, with grace and mercy he shifts thinking to eternity with God.
  • It motivates and encourages. 
  • We can not have worldly goals and have our hearts satisfied.
  • It asks important questions. For example: "We are living in His story now. What will we do with the chapters He is giving us?"