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(Review) NIV Bible for Girls, Journal Edition by Zondervan Publishers

Publication Date: October 18, 2016
Publisher: Zondervan/HarperCollins
Genre: NIV Bible
Pages: 1408
Source: I received this Bible free of charge from the publisher
Rating: 5 stars for excellent

Length for more information from the publisher: Zondervan

Christian Book, excerpts of the Bible are included


Over all summary of the Bible:

  • Front and back cover is turquoise, with gold and blue flowers. 
  • Turquoise ribbon marker. 
  • The pages are as thick as the ESV journaling Bible. 
  • The pages are crisp white.  
  • The Bible is not a red letter in Christ edition. 
  • There are no introduction pages for the books of the Bible. 
  • The Bible does not have a reference system. 
  • A "How To Use This Bible" is located in an opening page. 
  • A four page preface. The preface explains the translation, texts used, footnotes. 
  • 2011 NIV translation.
  • A "Table of Weights and Measures" is included. 
  • Lines are included on the outside of all the pages where the Bible is recorded. The lines are of lighter color than the words. 
  • Height is 8.38 inches. The width is 6.50 inches. 
  • The print is 8 point. 
  • The print is bold for easy reading. 
  • The age range is 8 and up. 
  • Hot pink elastic band enclosure. 
The NIV Bible for Girls by Zondervan is almost identical to the ESV Journaling Bible by Crossway. I have both Bibles and have compared the two. The exceptions are the translations, and an included Bible reading plan in the back of the ESV Journaling Bible. Other notable exceptions are the difference in the color of pages. The NIV Bible for Girls by Zondervan has crisp white pages. Whereas, the ESV Journaling Bible has vanilla colored pages. Both have the same lines on the outside of pages. 
The NIV Bible for Girls is a perfect gift for Christmas. I plan to give the NIV Bible for Girls to my 13 year old granddaughter for Christmas. 
I know there are readers who are not happy with the 2011 NIV translation. It is to the discretion of the parent or gift giver in regards to this Bible. 
I believe the gift of a Bible is the most precious and important gift one can give.