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(Review) Local Poet: He Killed Her. But Who Was She? by Paul Trembling

Publisher and Publication Date: Kregel/Lion Fiction. 2016.
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 158. Pages 159-173, is the first part of a new book available in October: Local Artist.
Source: Free copy from Kregel/Lion Fiction.
Rating: Okay.

Link at Kregel for more info: Local Poet.


Robert David Seaton, also known as Rob, age 32, struck and killed a woman who was crossing a city street. The city is in England. The city is not named. He was driving a work van. References are made to CCTV footage, coppers, and on holiday (instead of American slang term vacation). The woman killed, Elaine Josephine Grey or Laney Grey, was a published poet. Rob googles her name and finds out about her poetry and life. He reads and examines her poetry. This leads to clues about her death.

My Thoughts:
Local Poet reminds me of a novella. The story line is brief, and does not take the time to build to a climax. It is not descriptive in details. It is not a character study. It reads more like a person is audibly telling me a story. I believe this is an excellent book for a person who is not a big reader. This is not a book for a person who loves scene building, and character study and depth.
What I liked about the book is the unique element of a poet with a message in her poetry. This gave a mystery. It gave a reason for the story to go on. It gave me a reason for finishing the book. I had to know the hidden story behind her death.