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(Review) Africa Study Bible Published by Tyndale House Publishers

Publisher and Publication Date: Tyndale House Publishers. May 2017.
Genre: Bible.
Pages: 2144.
Source: Complimentary copy from Tyndale House Publishers and Oasis. 
Rating: Excellent.

Link @ Christian Book Distributor. At this link, an excerpt of the Bible is available.
Link at Tyndale House Publishers, for more information on the Bible.
Link at Tyndale House Publishers, for a story about the Africa Study Bible pastor project.
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Notable elements about the Africa Study Bible:
  • 10 point text size.
  • 9 point text size for notes. 
  • Black letter edition. 
  • A "Resources For Learning And Teaching" section. In this section, the subtitles are, "The History of Christianity in Africa"; "A Narrative Timeline Of God's Work In Africa"; "History in Africa from the Patriarchs to the Promised Land"; "Time of the Kings to the New Testament"; "The New Testament and Africa"; "The Church in North Africa"; "Christianity in North Africa, Ethiopia, and Nubia"; "Christian Kings in Africa"; "Christianity in Africa"; "The First Evangelical Wave in Africa"; "Mission Agencies Come to Africa"; "African-Initiated Churches and New Movements"; "Politics and Prayer." 
  • 4 page index of maps, charts and other supplemental information.
  • 122 page "Topical Index/Concordance." 
  • "Bible Overview Reading Plan."
  • 10 full color maps. 
  • New Living Translation version. 
  • "Proverbs and Stories" section located on the Bible pages "relating Scripture to wisdom from Africa." 
  • Additional notes for application on the Bible pages. 
  • A "Touch Points" section "revealing uniquely African perspectives." 
  • Opening section of the Bible holds 16 full color pages of African artwork and Bible verses. 
  • Thorough introduction on how the Africa Study Bible began, the contributors, and how to use the Africa Study Bible. 
  • A 3 page section on, "The Story of the Bible." 
  • A solid introduction of each Bible book. 
Points to mention:
  • This is a black letter edition. This is not a Bible where the words Jesus Christ spoke are in red. 
  • This is not a journaling Bible. The pages are thin. The margins on the sides of the pages are about 1/2 inch. A mechanical pencil can be used without causing a smudge if you want to write a small note. 
  • The emphasis of this Bible is for reading and studying. 
  • Another emphasis of this Bible is its focus on African heritage. 
This Bible is an introductory all-in-one course in biblical content, theology, history and culture, with special attention given to African contexts. Each feature was planned by African leaders with the intent to help readers grow strong in Jesus Christ by providing understanding and instruction on how to live a good and righteous life.