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(Review) The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into The Abundant Life, and The Six Session Book Study by Ann Voskamp

Publisher and Publication Date: Zondervan. 2016.
Genre: Christian Nonfiction, Brokenness, Healing.
Pages: 288.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Excellent.

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Ann Voskamp's first book was One Thousand Gifts. A total of five media followed the original book: a DVD study, a devotional, a selection on joy from the original book, a Christmas story, and a family celebration of Christmas. 
Voskamp's writing style has been compared to poetry. Her books are reflective, penetrating, and soul-stirring. It is impossible to speed read her books.
I'm a note-taker while reading. This makes it easy for me to process what I've read. It helps immensely when reading Voskamp's books.
I love reading books that make me think, and Voskamp's books appeal to my inner perspective personality. 
If I had to summarize The Broken Way in one sentence: We have all had suffering and brokenness in our lives, but the important part is how we live out the brokenness among the world.
When we're grieving over the death of a loved one, the death of a marriage, or the death of a dream we isolate ourselves. We withdraw stating everything is okay, when in fact we are dying inside. Our shell is broken, but we cover it hoping no one will see.
Voskamp reveals through the painful trials in her life, through Scripture, and through deep wisdom several lessons. 1. We must feel the pain. 2. How to live through the suffering. 3. God is working in us and through us. 4. Our brokenness can help others. 5. Accept love.
The Broken Way is a profound book. I wish I could memorize its pages. Instead, I plan to hold on to this gem for further reference and reading. 
Never live for battles won or for the end of your run. What matters is how you live in 'the along.' And it's there in the along that you have to remember: people care more what you share with them than what you ever say to them. Page 65. 
You don't judge your feelings; you feel feelings-and then give them to God. Page 179. 
The wounds that never heal are always the ones mourned alone. Page 223. 
Publisher and Publication Date: Zondervan. 2016. 
Genre: Book study. 
Pages: 125.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Excellent.

The six sessions contain:
"1. How Do We Live This One Broken Life?"
"2. Living Cruciform."
"3. Learning to Receive."
"4. Real Koinonia."
"5. Embracing Inconvenience."
"6. Who We Serve."

The DVD is necessary to complete this study.
The study is written to be worked on in a group setting.
After watching the DVD, a session (one) is included for individual work. This includes an area to journal.
Pages are included to take notes while watching the DVD.
Questions are included for the group discussion. 
Quotes are included from The Broken Way book.
Real Koinonia is the chapter that spoke to me the most. It deals with regrets and Satan's lies. Paul said for us to forget what is behind us and press on. VosKamp presses further by saying "Maybe the miracle of real happens when you let the pain make passion. Maybe that makes us real. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ."

After reading the book and study, I learned several things:
1. Live in the today. Look for where I can serve today, right now.
2. Don't focus on what I don't have.
3. It is okay to not be okay.
4. Right where I am God calls me.
5. Culture hides suffering. I have a tendency to hide, to turn inward. Instead, turn outward, share our suffering in order to be a blessing.