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(Review) Safer Than A Known Way: Discover How Liberty in Christ Lies In Surrender by Pamela Rosewell Moore, Foreword by Brother Andrew

Publisher and Publication Date: Chosen Books. 1991.
Genre: Biography.
Pages: 224.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Very Good.


For more information on Pamela Rosewell Moore: The Robinson Agency. 

As a young woman, Pamela Rosewell Moore, sat on the fence about a commitment to serving God. Moore was afraid of what God might ask her to do. Moore attended a service where a missionary spoke. His words were convicting. Moore gave God her fear, and God gave her a sense of peace. Moore's first assignment was as a secretary in Kenya, followed by working with Brother Andrew in Holland. She had brief meetings with Corrie ten Boom, not knowing someday they'd become a team.
Safer Than A Known Way is the story of Pamela Rosewell Moore. The focus of her bio is God's work in her life for His glory. 

Several years ago I met Pamela Rosewell Moore when she gave a testimony at a women's retreat at my church. She is gracious, polite, and soft-spoken. I enjoyed the retreat and bought several books.

So often, a biography of a Christian who has been a missionary, resembles a grand adventure. The person is a vibrant, on-fire Christian ready to proclaim the Gospel message.
Moore is more like me. Settled. Down to earth. She is a person I can relate to because we are both reserved type people. I admire her honesty in stating in her early years she was not a strong Christian, and not ready to give-up her will in regards to serving God just anywhere. The surrendering of her will was a process. It is a process of maturity that most of us, including me, can relate to. We just don't want to take our hand off the handlebars. We want control.
Moore had lived in England all her life and had traveled only a brief distance outside her town. Traveling and relocating to Kenya was a huge first step. I enjoyed reading about this new world through her eyes.
I noticed a pattern in her life, one job assignment led to another job assignment. Each step God was preparing her for the next God appointed task.
She was a secretary for Brother Andrew. She began to understand Brother Andrew's dedication to give Bibles to people in communist nations. This was a point when Moore understood the significance and importance of mission work no matter the cost.
I most enjoyed reading about Moore's job as companion to Corrie ten Boom. God spoke to Moore through Tante Corrie's life and words.